How to Get to Barra de Potosi

Hacienda La Rusa is located between the village and the beach . Entering Barra de Potosi, look to the right (beach ) side for the sign that says “Slow Down. We love our kids and pets. Amigos de Animales” , the next Gate has a small sign La Rusa – you have arrived !

1. From Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo airport

It’s. very small airport with only one terminal and two gates , arrivals and departures . At the arrivals gate, to the left are the ATMs to get cash, straight forward is a cash exchange booth and to the right is a Taxi stand . Get your pesos and head to book a Taxi. It’s safe to use taxi cabs in Zihuatanejo- Barra de Potosi .

Tell them you are going to Hacienda la Rusa in Barra de Potosi . The price will be around 550-600 pesos for a standard taxi , slightly more for a minivan. 15 minutes you will drive along the beach and get to the village.

* If you plan to drive around, rent a car at the airport. General rule is you don’t need a rental car while here, if you decide to extensively explore the sights in the area, then yes renting a car will save you taxi costs.

* There is a public transport going from the Airport to Barra de Potosi , it’s very cheap around 15-25 pesos per person for a ride ( pesos only accepted, have small bills ready)

From the arrival gate, go outside , cross the parking lot , 5-7 minutes total walk time and ask where is a bus to Barra de Potosi ( donde esta autobús a Barra de Potosí ) . This option is not recommended if you have a lot of luggage or very tired.

2. By Public Transport From Zihuatanejo centro

option 1 take the bus to Aeropuerto and then take the mini bus to Barra de Potosi

option 2 take the bus to Petatlán and switch to a pasajera in Los Achotes :

2 blocks from the central market (Mercado), find a street Calle Las Palmas there is a small local bus terminal, take a bus to Petatlan, it leaves about every 15 minutes. Please, ask to be let off at Los Achotes turn to Laguna de Potosi. It should take about 30 minutes including stops along the way to dropoff and pick up passengers to get to Los Achotes.
in Los Achotes ask for “pasajero” to Barra de Potosi, they also leave every 15-30 minutes.  It will take about 15 minutes to drive to Barra de Potosi.
Total trip will cost about 20-30 pesos.

What are Pasajera (Cattle trucks)?

These are actually pick-ups, with a roof and fence.  Yes, some locals take their chickens to go the market.  So you may see a jute bag start moving and making noise, but that is the fun of it too. The pasajera runs when they have enough money to make the trip(4-5 persons).  If you are in a hurry just pay more.

Enjoy Barra de Potosi & Playa Blanca – Stay at B&B Hacienda La Rusa!

There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about Hacienda La Rusa houses, Betsey Johnson and Stasya made absolutely sure of that. You will not find anything like it in the Northern Hemisphere! You’ll love the layout that’s perfectly styled to suit couples who love art, privacy, space. You’ll find the décor will lift your holiday spirits making you feel so tropically relaxed and free!

Who said that artist’s retreat should be run down?!
Artists like everyone else appreciate comfort and beauty!

And there is so much to appreciate at Hacienda and Barra de Potosi… one day at a time! take your time! 

Bungalow Solecito

Bungalow Solecito is Not Available for rent at the moment

Lovely enclosed Bungalow Solecito has a double bed, fan, floor fan and a patio. During the summer, this room is a bit hot, wait until we have A/C installed, but in winter, it is perfect.
It gives super protection from mosquitoes and peaceful sleep at night.
You still can hear the ocean and the beach from this house.