Breakfast, Dining and Kitchen

at 9 am we start serving complimentary continental breakfast ,  complimentary coffee & tea are available throughout the day at the self-serve bar in the dining area.


There are a number of places to eat outside of Hacienda la Rusa in Barra de Potosi either on the beach or in the village. Beach and lagoon front is lined up with a dozen of small restaurants called enramadas.

They open at 8 am for breakfast until sunset or last customer. If you want a dinner on the beach, go early like at 5 pm. They serve fresh seafood and regional Mexican dishes. Prices are around 100-150 pesos per meal.

My favorite places on the beach are La Condessa and Teresita, but of course, all other enramadas are equally great.

Dishes you will have to try at the beach front restaurants:

Huachinango a la Veracruzana – Veracruz-Style Red Snapper

Sopas de pulpo –  Fried corn tortilla with octopus

Guerrero style ceviche

camarones al mojo de ajo – shrimp in garlic souce

camarones al coco – coconut shrimp

camarones con tocino – shrimp wraped in bacon

If you order fish, please, ask what kind of fish you will be served, if you are offered Pez Bella, in English is Sailfish/Marlin, please, refuse. They are endangered species. It’s illegal to serve sailfish at the restaurants in Guerrero.

La Condessa barman makes excellent Margaritas and Teresita barman makes pina coladas to die for. 60 or 70 pesos per glass.

In the village we have diners open during the day “Cocina Economica” and diners open at night ” Cenaduria”

One of my favorite diners is located right next Jesus Christopher súper store, great food and they were the first ones to stop offering plastic straws. Their sandwiches cubana, chilaquiles and eggs al gusto are delicious! Another place, right around the corner from Hacienda la Rusa, diner Eri belongs to a lovely couple, Javier and Erenderi. They are open from 9 am till 6 pm. Eri cooks mostly eggs, chicken, veggies, rarely fish. She makes delicious chille rellenos on Saturdays. I love her eggs a la mexicana and oxaxaca cheese quesadillas.

At night after 7 pm Cenadurias open for late dinners. The meals are around 30-50 pesos per plate. No drinks, just beers. You can bring your own wine or cocktail.

Donna Emi’s place is famous all around Guerrero for her super delicious “tacos de barbacoa” and “tacos de Puerco” and of course “enchiladas rojas o verdes”. Verdes are a bit spicier.

Chayo is a place to get quesadillas. Don’t expect your regular Mexican quesadilla, if you eat meat ask for her “quesadilla especial”. If you are vegetarian ask for “quesadilla especial sin carne y sin pollo” (without meat and without chicken)

Janet opens her kitchen at night to prepare dinners for the locals and tourists, everything, whatever you order, enchilads, sopes or tacos, will be a memorable experience. Janet makes super tasty suizas – “enchiladas suizas” which are chicken enchiladas with cheese and a cream sauce!

new places open and close every year and we will guide you in person what other options are available this season .

Dear guests, whatever you might need, just say a word – we will book your massage, schedule your diving or snorkeling tour; We and our staff are here to make your vacation worry-free, peaceful and memorable!

If you don’t want to eat out and prefer to cook, please, feel free to use the kitchen at Hacienda la Rusa AFTER the breakfast hours. Please, rinse the dishes, plates, cups and leave them in the sink, we will wash and sanitize them.

You have a mini fridge in your room to store left overs, or you can use the big fridge in the kitchen. This is truly your home – Mi casa es tu casa !