Things to do in Barra de Potosi and Playa Blanca

A visit to Playa Blanca beach is an experience you’re never likely to forget. Enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches in the world, as well as Barra de Potosi lagoon, Hacienda La Rusa B&B and all of its features and facilities. Barra de Potosi tour coop offers different activities allowing you to get to know the area, local flaura and fauna and of course enjoy the water sports.

Prices vary by the season and depend on the number of people in your group. Prices are in pesos.

1. Have a Look Lagoon Boat Tour : 30-40 mins, $50 per person

2. Explore Lagoon Boat Tour : 90 – 120 mins, $ 100 – $ 180 per person

Detailed tour included crocodiles photo hunt, visit to salt site and birds watching.

3. Lagoon Fishing $ 1500

4. Bay Fishing $ 2000

5. Snorkeling Tour and Visit Los Morros: 3 hours, max 4 persons, $ 2000


Kayaks : $ 50 per person/ per hour
Horses:   $ 200 per person/ per horse/ per hour 

Different Tours are available on requests: explore the mangroves, visit playa la tortuga – the virgin beach, jungle tours, other lagoon tours, you name it!

Beach Vacation in Playa Blanca, Barra de Potosi

B&B Hacienda La Rusa and our rental bungalows are located only a few steps from the beach. In front of us is only a restaurant where you might want to have your lunch or dinner and miles and miles of beautiful un-spoiled Playa Blanca! Our houses are close to the ocean and beachfront, and we beckon you to spend your days basking in the sun, swimming and enjoying life along the shore!

Tiny beach fishing village of Barra de Potosi on Pacific Coast Mexico is surrounded by blue lagoon and gorgeous beach Playa Blanca!

Bungalow Solecito

Bungalow Solecito is Not Available for rent at the moment

Lovely enclosed Bungalow Solecito has a double bed, fan, floor fan and a patio. During the summer, this room is a bit hot, wait until we have A/C installed, but in winter, it is perfect.
It gives super protection from mosquitoes and peaceful sleep at night.
You still can hear the ocean and the beach from this house.

Special Offers for the members of

Vacation Packages and Discounts exclusively offered for members

  • Nature Lover package  for 2 weeks will include everything what Hacienda La Rusa offers and:
  1. a welcome Margarita & snacks
  2. jungle tour in a razor
  3. lagoon orientation tour

  • Love is in the Air package for 2 week will include everything what Hacienda La Rusa offers and:
  1. a bottle of bubbly  & sweets upon arrival
  2. lagoon sunset tour
  3. relaxing massage gift certificate for 30 mins

  • Zen Time  discount of  20 % with min stay of 1 week, May-September 

  • Tropical Gateway discount of 10 %  with min stay of 1 week, October – April, except holidays.

    Offers not available during holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter. 

    Please, mention discount or package at the time of booking or inquiry.

    internet home of a beautiful Hacienda La Rusa B&B in Barra de Potosi


    This is the future internet home of a beautiful Hacienda La Rusa B&B. 

    Hotel Hacienda La Rusa is a tropical paradise, small charming bed and breakfast in Barra de Potosi, Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Hacienda La Rusa will be open to the public by the Easter 2014, please, bookmark this page and find us on facebook. 

    Thank you and we are so happy to see you in person one day!

    Stasya aka La Rusa and Mike aka Scarecrow