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this bungalow was completely remodeled in 2018 and is perfect for 2 people for a relaxing vacation by the beach.

Bella is a separate bungalow, located right next to the large pool, it’s in the middle of the property. Steps to the kitchen , large pool, dining room and bungalow Blanca .

entrance – 3 steps

bed – king

2 chairs and small coffee table, full size mirror

2 closet spaces , large closet space in the bedroom and smaller in the bathroom

roof – palapa hatch roof

fans – 2 powerful ceiling fans , small fan above the bed, floor fan

lights – lights above the bed, nightstand lamps, floor lamp

bathroom – this bungalow has large en-suite bathroom, lots of counter space in the bathroom, 3 steps down between bedroom and bathroom. Beautiful walk-in shower. No door between bedroom and bathroom.

Bella has no patio, but the whole property is a lush tropical garden with many places to hide, snooze, read a book, or meditate. Bella has a huge arch window open to view the large pool. Floor to ceiling curtains used privacy.