Barra de Potosi

Barra de Potosí is a small working fishing village on the Pacific coast, in Guerrero, Mexico. Playa Blanca runs 9.5 km north along the coast from Barra de Potosí, the northern half of the beach is named Playa Larga, 3.5 km.  The entire bay is named: Bahía el Potosí.

Barra de Potosi located 30 minutes south and a world away from the major resort city of Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo. This is not a typical resort area; there are no high-rise condos, no bars, no yacht harbor, no golf course. Barra de Potosi is an amazingly laid back village of about 500 residents, mostly fishermen, craftsman, coconut workers, rancheros and a dozen of Americans, Canadians, Germans and one Russian.

It is simple and authentic, with 3 unpaved streets and a couple of small stores; truly the right place for a visitor with a taste for a cultural adventure and untouched natural beauty. This rustic Mexican village is what Sayulita, Punta Mita or Barra de Navidad used to be 20 years ago.

There are no bars, disco’s or shopping markets; there are no banks or ATMs in the village,  life is still at basics, there are a couple of bed and breakfasts, hotel, vacation rentals, houses for rent and winter homes of residents from up North. The village itself is picturesque with noisy holidays, music, fiestas, dirt streets, roosters crowing all night, dogs barking and kids riding their bikes. Peak season is crowded, shoulder season and low season are tranquil and peaceful.

Famous Laguna de Potosi, wildlife sanctuary located on a 4 1/2 mile saltwater Lagoon, boasts a rich variety of birds and local wild life.

Barra means “Sand” bank.  The sea opens and closes the lagoon each half year.  The sand displacement is enormous, the sea takes it out and puts it back again a few weeks later.  There is also parts with the black sand of a volcanic origin, which comes from the mountains.  

Barra de Potosi has everything for a fun vacation – bird watching tours, whale watching tours, deep see fishing, horse riding, kayaking, jungle tours, snorkeling, surfing classes, etc

The beach is empty through most of the year (holidays are very crowded) and perfect for swimming, jogging and walking. Lagoon is always safe to swim and play.

The beach is lined with many enramada – palm thatched restaurants with many hammocks, perfect for taking a siesta during a long day at the beach. They serve the freshest seafood possible anywhere. It is a  popular place with Mexican families on Sundays. 

Barra de Potosi is the place for Earth loving people, seeking to explore authentic Mexican village and culture, and enjoy secluded beautiful beach and wildlife.

 Directions and how to get to Barra de Potosi, Guerrero, Mexico.

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