What to do in Barra de Potosi:

Walk the beach – there is 16 km of nearly virgin beach at the bay of Bahía de Potosí.
Swim the bay or lagoon – the shore water is warm year around 29-30° C (85-90° F)

Horseback riding – ride the beach or tour the lagoons

Surfing and Boogie Boarding. Barra de Potosí is sheltered from S swells and perfect for beginners surfers and boogie boarding, but a few times a year, a left peels down the point in huge swells.  There’s also some peaks in the river-mouth and a right pointbreak.
But even when Barra de Potosi is flat, there are several little-known and remote breaks accessible for day trips. They include some of the most epic and raging surf on the West Coast.
Our local surf guide, Chiminique , who lives full time in Barra de Potosi is available for surf lessons and expeditions.  From the US, you dial +52 1 755 115 5238. local # is 755-115-5238.

Go deep sea  fishing. A number of the local fishermen will be happy to take you out.  For sport fishing, they usually fish for inshore species like roosterfish, jack crevelle and skipjack tunas, but you can encounter mahi-mahi, sierra and even a wahoo.

The boats and gear are simple; your sport fishing will just as commercial fishing locals do at night. You can also fish with localswith the net in the lagoon.

local fishing guides:

  • Francisco Angel, panga the “Whimbrel” , Enramada Margarita. 755-101-7754
  • Victor Manuel has been the head of the local ecotourism coop of guides. Inshore and Los Moros fishing trips. 755-129-8717
  • Omar, english speaking local wild and crazy guy will take you on a great fishing excursions.   755-111-5934
  • Antonio, Enarmada Rosita. Tours of lagoon, snorkling trips and fishing trips.
  • Arturo who co-heads the ecotourism coop is the boat operator on the whale survey project. He also does sport fishing trips. 755-115-4333, 755-104-7168 or 755-557-6902. Enramada Leticia.


Snorkel at Playa Nanzanillo, the only live reef 20 minutes boat ride from Barra de Potosi. The bay of Manzanillo is perfect for snorkeling or enjoying the unspoiled beauty.

Visit Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa for more activities, diving, yacht charters, Isla Ixtapa, dolphinarium, shopping, fancy restaurants, discos, bars and night life.

suggested by La Rusa the 7 days best of Barra de Potosi, Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa

Day 1

The majority of flights arrive at Zihuatanejo airport in the late afternoon, that doesn’t leave much time for sightseeing, have your welcome drink with us, change into some casual beach attire and head down to the beach to dig your toes into the sand and order a tropical drink and some fresh guacamole, watch people and waves and decompress until you catch your first brilliant Barra sunset. Take a dozen pictures to impress your friends!

Day 2

Sleep in today and then who can resist the beach on your first full day? Head out and start lagoon and beach exploring. Take a long walk or jog along the beach, 1 mile or 10 miles, get your blood moving.

Take a lagoon tour with a guide to see the pink birds and crocs or rent a kayak, single or double, and explore the mangroves nearby. Let me schedule your massage for today?! You might need it, you want to be fresh and ready for your adventures next day!

Day 3

Go deep sea fishing and then snorkeling at Playa la Manzanilla! After morning of hard work reeling in, come back to have our cook prepare your catch for dinner while you relax in the pool.

If baby turtles are hatching today, you could go see the newborn turtles head to the ocean, you could be lucky to see them be born and crawl their way towards their home – pacific ocean!

Day 4

Grab a taxi and head to see the ruins! Mesoamerican ruins are located 20 mins from Barra; really really long time ago some folks built those impressive pyramids, you’ve gotta see those! English speaking guides are available at the museum entrance. Dont worry about your taxi, it will wait for you and after your pyramids tour, your taxi driver will take you to the colonial town of Petatlan, where you can walk around the main plaza, market, see the half ruined/restored church, shop for silver jewelry and have the delicious tacos de barbacoa.

Come back home in time for a Happy Hour, beach and sunset!

Day 5

Highlights of Zihua and Ixtapa! Rent a taxi for the whole day, give or take 80-100 dollars, (or may be get a rental car in the airport). Go first to Ixtapa island to snorkel, snack, have a Margarita or two, then drive around Ixtapa and head to Zihuatanejo.

Walk the Malecon, have lunch at our favorite Joe’s cafe marina, walk downtown Zihuatanejo and come back home to the candle lit magical fairytale of Hacienda La Rusa to soak in a warm pool surrounded by dozens of candles with a soft piano music playing in the background and refreshing Rusaritas made to your taste!

Day 6

How about a horseback riding tour around the network of neighboring lagoons? Sounds good enough? Let me know ahead of time to get horses ready 😉

after your riding tour, grab a boogie board and go catch baby waves at the point where the lagoon meets the ocean, if you’d like to learn surfing, we will have an instructor waiting for you with the surf boards!

If there is still some energy left, lets walk across the lagoon (or take a boat), walk thru the jungle and mangroves towards the secret secluded and the most beautiful beach – playa Tortuga! Turtle come to lay their eggs here at night!

Day 7

beach, pool, pack…

and the worse part is to say good bye, but we prefer to say Hasta La Vista!

Every guest who comes to Hacienda la Rusa is a stranger, every guests who leaves Hacienda la Rusa is a friend. We hope our friends have wonderful time!


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