Hacienda la Rusa in Barra de Potosi

Hi , Hello, Hola ! we are Stasya and Mike, the owners of this magical eco friendly Bed and Breakfast and we are thrilled to invite you to Barra de Potosi and Hacienda la Rusa.

We moved to Barra de Potosi in 2013 and back in 2014 I have founded Amigos de Animales of Barra de Potosi: rescue shelter, Spay and Neuter program and animal welfare education project for kids and adults. During the last 4 years, with the help of our guests , friends , supporters  we have organized dozen of mass Spay and Neuter clinics , paid for the sterilization of over 1500 animals, we fed hungry kids and their families, we have distributed clothes, schools supplies, bug sprays and toys among dozens of kids and parents who are struggling to make ends meet, we teach classes in 13 local schools and have weekly camp day at the shelter for our little volunteers.

If it’s your first time here, and you would like to find out how to help people and /or animals, please don’t hesitate to email me.

No wonder, Barra de Potosi is a heartwarming place to visit for all Earth, People and Animal loving guests!

Now back to the beach and your vacation – Barra de Potosi sits on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, 30 minutes away from the major resort city of Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo. This is not a typical resort area; there are no banks, no ATM, no high-rise condos, no bars, no yacht harbor, no golf course. Barra de Potosi is an amazingly rural laid back village of about 500 residents, mostly fishermen, craftsman, coconut workers, rancheros and a few dozen Americans, Canadians and me – a Russian-Ukrainian !

It is simple and authentic, with 3 streets and 3 small stores; truly the right place for a visitor with a taste for a cultural adventure and untouched natural beauty. This rustic Mexican village is what Sayulita or Barra de Navidad used to be.

Barra de Potosi has everything for a fun vacation – bird watching, whale watching, deep see fishing, horse riding, kayaking, jungle tours, snorkeling, surfing classes, our beach is 10 miles long, empty through most of the year (holidays are crowded and can be noisy) and perfect for swimming, jogging and walking.

Hacienda La Rusa is a beautiful boutique bed and breakfast in the middle of this rural fishing village on the Pacific coast. Hacienda La Rusa has an owner’s house and 4 comfortable, charming, tropical palapa roof guests bungalows, ( each bungalow can comfortably accommodate 2 people ) kitchen, dining room, terraces and patios, 2 swimming pools and a magical tropical garden; the property is completely walled in for privacy and security.

Hacienda la Rusa is located at the entrance to Barra de Potosi on the right (beach) side. There is only a restaurant between us and the beach.

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You will walk: 30 seconds to the beach, 3 minutes to the lagoon, steps to the restaurants, taxi, small stores, fruit & veggie stand.

For your comfort and convenience, we came up with a few basic suggestions, to ensure all the patrons enjoy their vacation:

  • Please, smoke outside or in a designated smoking area in the garden. This is a non-smoking establishment.
  • Please, deposit the toilet paper and other products in the waste basket provided. The local water table is very high. We have a very sensitive sewage treatment system which does not decompose paper. Toilet paper or any other consumer products will clog the septic system; it will disrupt your vacation and cause extensive repairs. Toilet baskets are emptied daily.
  •  Please, buy and bring repellent with DEET. It’s Tropics – there are insects here as you might expect. In the mornings and at the sunset the peskiest are the no-see-ums. They will leave you alone if apply repellent with DEET, like OFF Deep Woods
  • This is nothing like All-Inclusives, this is real rural Mexico, mostly spanish speaking, not used to dollars, warm happy and inviting, please, adjust your expectations accordingly.

The rhythms of our bed and breakfast revolve around peace, zen, happiness, animal welfare and … green practices: recycling, using renewable resources as much as possible, minimizing our environmental impact in every decision we make, supporting and interacting with the local community, and sharing the knowledge and benefits of this lifestyle with our staff and neighbors.

Our attempts to become sustainable started gradually and we continue to adopt behaviors that reduce our carbon footprint.

For over 2 years Hacienda La Rusa has been a Bronze level GreenLeader of TripAdvisor® GreenLeaders™ program, which consists of hotels and B&Bs worldwide engaged in environmentally-friendly practices. We have met a set of environmental standards developed by a leading environmental consulting firm, with input from expert partners.

Cleaning – we disinfect and sanitize everything, we use chemicals when and where we have too and we use eco friendly homemade cleaning solutions when and where we can. I am a clean freak and we clean it all and clean it good. Your bed spreads and decorative pillows get cleaned and sanitized for each new guests, pillows and mattresses in common areas get cleaned regularly as well.

Water – water from the inside faucets and showers is from our well on the property. On a few occasions, I drank our tap water and “pasa nada – nothing happened”. So don’t panic if you drink some, nothing will happen, but overall, hydrate yourself with purified drinking water.
Btw, all our gray water goes to water our gardens.

Drinking Water – there is always a 5 gallon jug of drinking water in the common dining room free to use for all the guests. In your room mini fridge, you will find bottles of drinking water, please, re-use the bottles by refilling them.

There is not much recycling in Mexico. We try to recycle everything we can and we teach local kids crafts using recycling materials. If you have ideas, please, share.

Power – we have power outages from time to time, hopefully, not while you are visiting. When the power goes out – nothing works. It usually does not last long.

There are flashlights in your rooms and candles in common rooms.

Please, save energy – please, turn OFF the lights and fans when leaving rooms. Majority of lights around the property are on timers, if they turn on automatically at dusk, don’t worry about those, they are off automatically at 10 – 11 pm.

Safety – it is safe here in the village, period.
It’s safe to go alone and safe to go out at night.

Stores – there are 4 small stores in the village open during the day till 7-9 pm and one tiny little one open till later at night till 10-11 pm. They carry sodas, beers, snacks, wine, tequila, ice cream, basic groceries etc…

There is Carmen’s fruit-veggie stand around the corner, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want something special, ask her and she will bring it next day.

Noise – it is Mexico and it is a small rural working fishing village. This is an amazing place of great energy and the center of laid back coastal Mexico, overall it’s peaceful and quiet, but on occasion it does get noisy here; ocean waves, village noise … dogs, roosters, music… once or twice a year there is a wedding or sweet 15 party. I have noise machines and earplugs available for light sleepers. If you are seeking the complete quiet of an isolated island, Barra de Potosi is NOT the place.

During Peak season, especially holidays, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Dia de Virgin de Guadalupe, there are a lot of people on the beach everywhere in Mexico, fireworks, music and parties. It can be very busy and noisy and fun.

Internet – Please, look for wireless hot spots Hacienda La Rusa . Our internet is slow and unreliable. Internet password is in your room on the last page of the info file.

Phone – unless you have a Mexican/International voice/data plan on your cell phone, switch your phone to airplane mode and use our wifi until you get back home.

Laundry – we will do your laundry at your request, 100 pesos per load.

Tipping is woven into the fabric of Mexican social culture. Mexican people serving you will appreciate a token of your appreciation in exchange for a good service.
Tips to the staff are highly appreciated if you are pleased with their service, they work hard to ensure your vacation is as carefree as possible. Please, leave your tip, cash or credit card, with the owners at the office. The suggested tip is 5-10% of the total cost of your stay and we will divide it among all employees.

Pets – we have 2 dogs and 1 outdoor cat on the property, a dozen indoor cats are inside our house, and our animal shelter with our rescue kids doggies and kitties is 10 minutes away.
We, definitively, are not the right place for people, who dislike animals, as I mentioned. I founded and run a local animal shelter , as well as Free Spay and Neuter program. Our guests are always the best, amazing, fun , Earth and Animals loving people who eventually become our friends and extended family. We are not a good fit for the guests with different views, values and priorities. There are a lot of other places to rent in our area.

btw, our animal welfare website http://www.amigosdeanimales.com

Owners – Stasya or as everyone in the zip code calls me la Rusa and my husband Mike. We spend most of the year in Barra de Potosi, our house is located on the property. Most likely, we will greet and meet you personally, but if we are not there, we will be only a phone call or email message away. I will provide you with all information you need before the arrival and I will stay in touch to assist you if needed.

Staff : our cook – Janet, maid – Mari and Yogi is a bell boy, handy man and a pool boy.
They speak spanish. Yogi is learning English little by little.

Nature and Wild Life – there are undeveloped beaches, tangled mangroves and tropical dry forests to explore, all of which are literally teaming with birds and wild animals. Many of these exotic places are completely foreign and delightful to many of us.

Animals wild and domestic – while on the property you might see: birds, iguanas, geckos, rarely frogs, bats, insects, palm cockroaches, and our pets .

Around the property in the village, you will see: dogs, cats, chickens, horses, donkeys, pigs, goats etc. To see more wild animals, you need to go a little further from the village on the jungle trails.

Health – a small local clinic and a pharmacy are 10 mins drive, nearest hospital is 20 mins drive. If you need to see a doctor, one of us will accompany, translate if needed and be there for you every step of the way. We find Mexican medical system to be inexpensive and of the best quality.

Money – there is NO bank and NO ATM in the village, please, get pesos at the ATM in the airport right after you land, get whatever your minimum withdrawal limit, it will be between 6000 to 15000 pesos. Please, remember NOT to leave your ATM card in the machine!

Exchange rate lately fluctuates around 1 USD = 18 pesos. If you are bringing cash, you can exchange a small portion at the airport to last you a day or two, and exchange more in Zihua at the bank. The exchange rate is a little better in Zihuatanejo.

Local stores and restaurants in Barra de Potosí rarely accept dollars.

Transportation from/to the airport – we don’t offer shuttle service, and unfortunately, we can’t send a local taxi to pick you up.
in Zihuatanejo- Ixtapa airport only taxi vehicles with a special license service the airport. The official taxi stand next to the gate charges about 500-600 pesos for a trip to Barra de Potosi.
Our local taxis don’t have an airport license to pick you up at the airport, but they can take you back to the airport for about 290 pesos. It takes 20 minutes to get to Hacienda la Rusa from the airport.
Give our address to a taxi driver – # 1 Barra de Potosi, Hacienda La Rusa

you will drive along the beach and get to the village, in the village, look to the right (beach ) side for the sign that says “Slow Down. We love our kids and pets. Amigos de Animales. Hacienda la Rusa” and you have arrived.

Dear guests, whatever you might need, just say a word – we will book your massage, schedule your diving or snorkeling tour; We and our staff are here to make your vacation worry-free, peaceful and memorable!

Stasya and Mike and Yogy, Janet, Mari

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