beach vacation at Playa Blanca

If you are considering taking a vacation to Guerrero, you should check out the many different beaches. You might consider the northern beaches or beaches on the southern tip.

The northern beaches are not sheltered. You will experience stronger winds and stronger currents. 
The stronger winds and currents provide for large waves to play in. Surfers love this side because of the larger waves. 
The waters of the southern beaches like Playa Blanca are calmer because they are protected by the bay If you are looking fora vacation rental or house for rent near secluded beaches you should stay on the southern tip close to Barra de Potosi. 
Barra de Potosi is the most relaxing and calm place to stay.
It provides for activities like horseback riding, kayaking, volleyball, and other things. 
Lagoon de Potosi has shallow waters if you are on a vacation with children. it is a perfect spot for littles one to play.
Think what you want and if authentic mexican village, with cheap and delicious food, miles and miles of secluded beach sounds like something to your liking – come to Barra de Potosi!

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