When is the best time of year to visit Barra de Potosi

So you were wondering when is the best time to come visit Barra de Potosi.
Of course, I personally think any time of the year is a great time by the beach in tropics! 🙂

Barra de Potosi has a semi tropical climate throughout the year with temperatures
ranging between night – day : 23 – 33 °C or 73 – 91 °F . The rainy season is
from June to September and it can sometimes extended to mid-October. Mother Nature is unpredictable and it still might rain occasionally in November and rarely in winter months.

Temperatures are steady throughout the year and provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities regardless of the season.

December: 85 during the day, 75 at night and less humid. Very comfortable weather.
Pools are still warm enough by mid day. Ocean water is still very warm and even early in the morning a blast to swim.

December is the busiest season with 12th – Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Christmas and New Year. Make your travel arrangements well in advance if you’re visiting during peak season.

Thousands of people on the beach, buses from the neighboring states lining up along the road, fireworks, music everywhere, unfortunately lots of garbage everywhere too. Too much noise sometimes to my taste. It is fun to experience it once or twice, but later on if there is a choice, I’d choose time either before or after the holidays.

: Mid-80s during the day, mid-70s in the evening. Sunshine and blue skies. Extremely comfortable weather. It can get windy sometimes, which is great – blows mosquitoes away. Pools are getting cooler. Water in the ocean is pleasant. Shallow waters of the lagoon are warm. That’s when you’ll see the most visitors from the U.S. and Canada come to enjoy the consistent sunshine and the beach. Make your Barra de Potosi travel arrangements well in advance if you’re visiting during peak season.

Semana Santa or Easter Week: is one of the most popular times for Mexican families to visit the beach, combining with spring break, it can be even busier than Christmas. Local residents from up north try to head back to their summer residences before the Semana Santa. Easter weekend belongs to the Mexicans, who flock to the beaches.

April: is another perfect month to visit. The weather is lovely everyday. Blue skies, not a drop of rain, no jelly fish, no crowds, pools are getting warmer, ocean is warmer too.

May and June: sometimes can be the hottest months out of the year. 90s during the day, high 70 at night and not a drop of rain and very little breeze. It is a Mango Season!

July – August: It is not at all uncommon to experience temperatures in the mid 90s during the day and high 70s at night. You’ll definitely want to keep the fan on you on these steamy nights. Even though this is the rainy season, you will find that many of the tropical storms are short-lived. Electrical storms are spectacular events and last 2 – 3 hours. It’s enough to keep away the crowds, so if you like a little more elbow room and you don’t mind a rain shower or two (much of the rain actually falls at night) this is the season for you. It will be relatively busy during late July and early August, when Mexican families go to Barra de Potosi for their summer vacation. Mangos are dirt cheap.

September: the most peaceful month of the year with occasional hurricanes and tropical storms and no tourists around.
The temperatures begins to slightly cool down. Its still hot and humid, but the storms bring a refreshing breeze, pools turn into hot tubs and you can sleep in the water, so comfortable it is. Día de la Independencia is in September.

October – November: the shoulder season with occasional storms, very warm water, just a few people on the beach.The temperatures also begin to slightly cool down. Everything is bright green and lush. Tropics, baby!

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